Project goals

Very large datasets produced by novel imaging modalities such as automated confocal microscopes and X-Ray Computed Tomography pose new unsolved challenges for their analysis and their communication. Our aspiration is to become a major provider of solutions in that important area. Specifically our goals are:

  • To develop novel image processing, analysis, modelling and visualization tools and techniques and apply them initially to solving Biological and Materials Science challenges.
  • To develop new ways of using web technologies to distribute computational algorithms and data to end users.

Supporting technologies

There is a strong need for data presentation and manipulation over the web, driven by the ambition to serve remote users all over Australia and internationally. Our generic solution allows image and data analysis tools to be accessed over the Internet for demonstration and commercial use in a secure mode, without the intellectual property protection, compatibility and maintenance issues typically associated with the use of conventional desktop applications.

Many data intensive applications are also computationally intensive. We develop distributed computing capabilities to deal with larger data sets in the high-throughput sciences.

Specific outputs

  • New insight into biological systems and smart materials imaged and analysed using the technologies developed in this stream.
  • New algorithms for efficient 3D segmentation and classification in 3D images
  • Generic software libraries for web-enabling of computationally intensive software capable of processing large image data sets
  • New phenomenological methods and computational tools for high-throughput materials characterisation from incomplete measurement data
  • New image acquisition strategies and reconstruction methods enabling region-of-interest (local) tomography in conventional and phase-contrast modes
  • First stage of CSIRO Imaging portal incorporating high-content analysis for biotech imaging and computed tomography (CT) reconstruction and 3D data rendering implemented as downloadable rich-client applications and web services with distributed (parallel) back-ends

Potential benefits to Australia

Massive public funds are being invested on the international scene to develop data-intensive technologies that will transform the way science, discovery, medicine and industry are driven. CSIRO and Australia have a role to play in this high value added industry. A major goal of this project is to develop leading expertise in this area and make it available widely using web technologies. This will empower new applications, support the industry and accelerate scientific research.