This website offers access to web-enabled image and data processing and analysis tools. All services are arranged in two groups:

Simple services

Simple services are provided free of charge directly on this website and do not require subscription (or user registration). They can be accessed through the menu or here.

Subscription services

Subscription services are provided as downloadable Windows applications and are available to registered clients only. Some applications may be available free of charge while others will require payment.

To access subscription services, please fill out the sign-up form to submit a request to open an account. If your request is approved, you will usually be given a period of free trial access to your application of interest (this will vary depending on the application). Upon the expiry of the trial period, you may be able to purchase continued access. For some applications, unlimited access may be provided free of charge to approved clients.

Subscription services use Software Toll Infrastructure (STI) for maintaining real-time connection between the downloaded subscription software and user accounts on the server.

Subscription services currently offer the following applications:


An image analysis and processing application with functionality targeting researchers working in imaging science and technology fields, especially in optical, electron and X-ray microscopy and astronomy. More information.


A standalone automated cell morphological image analysis application that can perform neurite analysis, cell scoring, co-culture analysis and sub-cellular analysis. More information.


DCM is an application for data-constrained modelling and characterisation of material compositional microstructure and properties. More information.