About DCM

The DCM software is a Microsoft Windows™-based application for 3D characterization of compositional material phase distributions. It takes quantitative multi-energy synchrotron X-ray CT data as input, and applies the Data Constrained Modelling (DCM) technique to generate microscopic partial volume distributions of materials and pores at the CT resolution. Partial volumes are the effects of the fine length scales below X-ray CT resolution. DCM software can also calculate material properties, such as linked clusters. It has a built-in 3D display for stereo visualization of microstructures. An accessible programming API and plug-in framework lets the user add other microstructure-based material properties and 3D processing capabilities, as well as providing a general purpose 3D simulation development environment.

The latest release of the DCM software is also available at https://data.csiro.au/dap/landingpage?pid=csiro:9448.

General enquiries should be directed to enquiries@csiro.au.